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Generations Of Service

At Libertyville Manor, we look forward to discussing the needs of your loved ones.

We offer a variety of care services for the elderly, from assisted living to adult day care.

Assisted Living


Enjoy a high-quality living space with the privacy you need. At Libertyville Manor, our assisted living spaces are designed as mini-suites with a kitchenette and private bathroom in every room.

Get the level of assistance you need with your everyday tasks. You’ll have nursing staff at your disposal for whatever you need, from bathing to medications.

Skilled Health Care


You’ll be able to get the care and attention of the appropriate staff members for your loved one's specific needs. We have nursing staff, CNAs, and more to care for each and every one of our patients.

Physical Therapy


Get rehabilitation care that’s specific to your injury. At Libertyville Manor Extended Care, you’ll be able to work with our staff and recover more quickly from physical problems ranging from post-surgery rehab to accidents resulting in broken bones. Get rehabilitation care in a Medicare-approved facility. We’ll help you regain as much strength as possible, so you’ll be comfortable in your own home again soon!